Ariana Pooley


Path 2 Presidency

A comical 2-4 player game – based off of the board game Tiki Topple – about the 2016 presidential candidates.


A Pebble Watch Application which leads you by a number of unknown waypoints in one big loop, dropping you right back off at your starting point.


Web Design

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Macalester College Major: Mathematics Major GPA: 3.3 Other Focuses: Political Science and Computer Science
  • Mathematics

    MATH 136 - Discrete Mathematics, MATH 155 - Introduction to Statistical Analysis, MATH 135 - Multivariable Calculus I, MATH 236 - Linear Algebra, MATH 237 - Multivariable Calculus III

  • Political Science

    POLI 120 - International Politics, POLI 222 - Regional Conflict and Security in the Middle East, POLI 202 - Politics and Mathematics of Elections, POLI 216 - Legislative Politics, POLI 394 - Policymaking in the 4th Branch

  • Computer Science

    COMP 124 - Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures, COMP 365 - Computational Linear Algebra

  • Other Courses

    HISP 111 - Accelerated Portuguese, PHYS 194 - Nanotechnology, ART 1401 - Drawing I


Macalester Election Procedures Committee

Ensure that all Macalester College Student Government elections and student based referenda are valid, plan the election schedule, and organize events including candidate debates and forums and also evaluate the validity of any election complaint.

Super Smash Bros Tournaments Organizer

Host and organize videogame tournaments for Super Smash Bros Melee, Sm4sh, and Project M.

Minnesota State Grant Advocate

Spoke to legislators and representatives about the importance of the State Grant and helped promote college affordability, access and choice.

StudentRND Senior Tech Evangelist

Set and organize a 24-hour coding event for high schoolers by running the kickoff, workshops, and closing presentations, helping students with programming questions throughout the 24-hour event, and supervising students throughout the event.


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