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As a member of Chugai Pharmaceutical, Chugai Pharma
Taiwan is dedicated to serving patients needs while providing
high quality innovative drugs in order to contribute to the Taiwan
medical environment

Latest News

05 July, 2019ReleaseCorporate
Chugai Pharma Taiwan wins HR Asia Award:Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2019
01 February, 2019ReleaseCorporateCSR
CPT 30th Anniversary Celebration Donation to Eden Foundation fulfilling social responsibility
10 December, 2018ReleaseCorporateCSR
CPT 30th Anniversary Celebration
01 Novenber, 2018ReleaseCorporateCSR
Chugai Pharma Taiwan cares ocean environment: save sea turtle by beach cleanup
08 June, 2018ReleaseCorporate
Chugai Pharma Taiwan obtains honor MR Certifications for the contribution within pharmaceutical marketing and management field
30 April, 2018ReleaseCorporateCSR
Chugai Pharma Taiwan’s charity event to Penghu
25 October, 2017ReleaseCorporateCSR
Chugai Pharma Taiwan implements environmental cares
1 September, 2017ReleaseNotice
Website Maintenance Notice
1 March, 2017ReleaseCorporateCSR
Chugai Pharma Taiwan implements charity event
27 February, 2017ReleaseR&DProduct
Chugai’s ALK Inhibitor “Alecensa®” Approved in Taiwan
25 February, 2016ReleaseCorporate
Chugai Pharma Taiwan donates one-day salary to Tainan Disaster
5 February, 2016ReleaseCorporate
Office Relocation of New CPT
1 October, 2015ReleaseCorporate
Mr. Yoshimasa Saito assumes the president of Chugai Pharma Taiwan
5 September, 2015ReleaseCorporate
New CPT Kick-off Ceremony
31 July, 2015ReleaseCorporate
Merger of Chugai Pharma Taiwan and Chugai Pharma R&D Taiwan
31 July, 2015Update
Launched website of Chugai Pharma Taiwan

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