Chugai Pharma Taiwan obtains honor MR Certifications for the contribution within pharmaceutical marketing and management field

In order to encourage the management teams of pharmaceutical companies to actively cultivate drug marketing and management talents, Mr. Kao Meng-Xi, chairman of the Taiwan Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management Association (TPMMA), recently visited Chugai Pharma Taiwan(CPT) to present the honorary MR (Medical Representative) certificate to CPT president, Mr. Yoshimasa Saito, and the general manager, Mr. Chen Rong-Hua. Express his appreciation for their contribution to the medical community.

Chairman Mr. Kao said that TPMMA has promoted MR certification system for more than 20 years. Its purpose is to improve the quality of pharmaceutical marketing personnel, raise the overall medical quality, and ensure the health of Taiwan citizens. The promotion of MR certification system is expected to establish a sound pharmaceutical marketing ethics, and a world-class pharmaceutical marketing system to enhance the country's image and competitiveness.

CPT president Mr. Saito is very grateful to TPMMA for its encouragement and support; he also stated that CPT's mission is to enhance the special value of Taiwan's pharmaceutical industry and human health and well-being through the R&D, commercialization and service activities, and promote it to the world. Aiming to become a leader in the pharmaceutical industry is always CPT’s responsibility and mission; as a leader, our goal is to provide superior corporate value to meet the stakeholders’ expectations, including patients and their families and healthcare professionals. CPT will continuously embrace every challenges to fulfill our mission.

Extracted from healthnews 2018-06-04: