Chugai Pharma Taiwan cares ocean environment: save sea turtle by beach cleanup

Chugai Pharma Taiwan continuously dedicates to earth environment. On October 20, 2018, CPT heads to Xiao Liu Qiu Island for a 2-day beach cleanup family activity in order to save the ocean.
Xiao Liu Qiu is the only coral island of six Taiwan’s offshore islands, which is also a great habitat for green sea turtle. CPT employees and their families pick up rubbish to reduce marine pollution, and bring their own eco-friendly tableware and water bottles to reduce disposable plastic usage.
Moreover, to maximize the power of intention, CPT made customized medical-grade TPE stainless steel straw sets for all employees and their family members participating the meaningful activity. Hope to not only expand a rippling effect of earth protection within everyone’s minds, but also keep taking actions in their daily lives. By doing this, CPT implement ecology & environmental protection, and raise public awareness of caring for the ocean.