CPT 30th Anniversary Celebration

Chugai Pharma Taiwan (CPT) has grown up to 30 years old since 1988 and aims to becoming Top Pharmaceutical company in Taiwan. In order to demonstrate the image of ‘Top’, CPT celebrated its 30th Anniversary ceremony on December 7 at 顶鲜 (‘Top’ Fresh) restaurant which is on 86F of 101 Building and it is located the most ‘Top’ among restaurants in Taiwan.

In addition to CPT employees, Mr. Nagayama & CPT Board of Directors (Mr. Nishikawa, Mr. Takanashi, Mr. Taihu) and Corporate Auditor (Mr. Okita), Group Manager of Overseas Business Department (Mr. Terada), GM of Roche Taiwan and CPT retired employees attended the ceremony. The opening of ceremony started with CHUGAI logo chronicle & sand painting which briefly introduced CPT’s traits including company history, product specialty, ‘innovation all for the patients’, CSR, employee wellness, ‘innovation beyond imagination’, compliance first and aiming to Top pharma.

Like father, like son. CPT inherits CSK’s charity trait that cares about society, environment and its employees. CPT implements not only CSR activities every year but also a charity sale during the 30th Anniversary ceremony. CPT created innovative scarfs for female employees and neckties for male as an anniversary gift. Both of scarf and necktie are 100% silk handmade with the design components of ‘Chugai Pharma Taiwan’, ‘Innovation all for the patients’ and ‘30th Anniversary’. CPT collected all the money from charity sale by putting all ceremony attendees down for the additional scarfs and neckties and then donated the amount to the Nursing Home of Eden, Yilan County.

CPT always keeps on creating great working environment for its employees whose average service year has been 6.5 years so CPT presented long service award to 9 employees who have worked for CPT over 15 years. Given employees’ high royalty to the company, most of young colleagues have got married and had babies since working for CPT. As such, CPT played a video to show all CPT born babies, totally 34 babies. CPT has demonstrated high productivity not only in company performance but also in birth rate which is one of key factors striving for employee satisfaction.

The anniversary ceremony ended with singing Song of CPT named ‘Fly! Chugai Pharma Taiwan’ in chorus. We do celebrate not only CPT 30th anniversary but also the progress in our achievement made through our endeavor and commitment to IBI18. Let’s continue to work together, win together in realizing our new mid-term strategy in upcoming year of 2019. CHUGAI, 万岁! Banzai! ばんざい!