Chugai Pharma Taiwan wins HR Asia Award:
Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2019

To achieve mid-term business strategy IBI21, Chugai Pharma Taiwan participates ‘Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2019’ champion held by HR Asia, which is an Asian most authoritative human resources publisher. The winner list was announced on June 28th and the Gala Dinner for the Award ceremony was held at Grand Hotel, Taipei. In Taiwan, 186 companies enroll the competition, only 51 of them obtained the Best Companies Award.

The award is judged by an independent panel of industry experts, academics, journalists and government representatives based on executive summary of each qualified participant anonymously, and the survey scores of Total Engagement Assessment Model (TEAM). HR Asia also conducted site audit to review each participant’s HR strategy, input, and outcome by their own eyes, and then determined the outstanding corporate brands as the winners eventually. The program covers 9 countries including Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and keeps expanding in Asia region.

HR Asia TEAM survey is a specially designed tool which focuses on ‘Core’, ‘Self’, and ‘Group’ 3 dimensions to measure the employee engagement level to the company, which helps the company to get a better understanding of its workforce. Actually CPT was requested by HR Asia to pick only 50 employees to fill in the online survey anonymously but CPT invited all its employees for the online survey so as to receive holistic feedback and comments to our HR practices proactively. Unsurprisingly, CPT got a rank of outstanding from all 3 dimensions of evaluation. Compared to the industry average scores below, CPT performs over 10% even better than other companies in Taiwan. This shows that our employees are highly engaged and committed with CPT, and we are truly a happy enterprise on the right way!

First time attending Best Companies Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner, CPT President Yoshimasa Saito, who dressed up in tuxedo as the ceremony requested, received the trophy and gave a short speech in public: “Normally the company appraises its employees’ performance but this is employees’ turn to appraise the company by means of competing ‘Best Companies to Work for’. No surprise at all, our employees give Chugai Pharma Taiwan a rank of Outstanding! As one of ‘Best Companies to Work for’, internal employee engagement drastically increases and external talent acquisition significantly speeds. A best company is definitely composed of best employ perform best result for the company.”

CPT committees to ‘become a top pharma’ and also, emphasizes CSR and employee wellness to create a happy working environment for every individual. We respect diversity and inclusion. CPT is not only a company bringing out breakthrough growth among the years, but also a company willing to share profits with employees. Providing best-in-class and first-in-class employee benefits is one of our promises to our internal stakeholders.

Receiving the Award of Best Companies to Work for in Asia2019, this is an important milestone to recognize our contribution in past decades. CPT has taken this great opportunity to renew every employee’s business card so as to enhance company image and increase company awareness as ‘Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2019’.

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