Hackathons and Awards


Most Common Hack

Project Name: Path 2 Presidency

Type: Web-based Game (Built with Ionic Framework in Javascript)

Link: http://devpost.com/software/path2presidencygithub


A comical game – based off of the board game Tiki Topple – about the 2016 presidential candidates. The game allows for multiple players (2-4), and gives each player a score card which they each attempt to match using the move cards given to them.



2nd Place – Carlhacks

Project Name: Wanderful

Type: Pebble Watch App

Link: http://devpost.com/software/wanderful


Wanderful allows you to take walking, biking, or driving trips to nearby areas from the convenience of your watch. We allow you, the user, to select a method of transport and an amount of time you’d like to spend on your journey. Then we create a path for you to follow, pushing directions straight to your Pebble watch. It leads you by a number of unknown waypoints in one big loop, dropping you right back off at your starting point.

The app comes with simple notifications and alerts (one vibration for a right turn, two for a left turn) that allow you to experience your surroundings far more than you need to experience the distracting light of your screens.

It also comes built in with a ‘home’ function. At any point along your trip, if you’re feeling a bit weary, you can initiate the Return Home feature by holding down the Pebble watch’s select button. This will immediately drop the remainder of your preplanned route and plot a new one for you, straight back to your initial position.

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Best Domain Name – Carlhacks 2016

“Wanderful” – a wonderful wandering app.

Best Github Octocat Drawing – Carlhacks 2016


Best Game Award – CodeDay Fall 2014

Project Name: Cataclysm

Type: Text-based Adventure Game in Java

Link: https://github.com/anapooley97/Cataclysm


Cataclysm is a text-based adventure game written in Java. Involves exploring a house and fighting bosses.


Business Professionals of America Regional Awards 

2014: Mobile Applications – 2nd 

2015: Administrative Support (using Microsoft) – 1st

2015: SQL Database Fundamentals – 2nd

Business Professionals of American State Awards 

2014: Mobile Applications – 2nd 

2015: SQL Database Fundamentals – 2nd
Grace Hopper Celebration – 2013 

Was one of forty high school students to be awarded a $500 scholarship to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference. I attended keynote sessions, a career fair, panel presentations, and a code-a-thon for humanity.

NCWIT State Runner-Up – 2014 

NCWIT National Runner-Up – 2015 

Qualcomm Women’s Collegiate Conference Attendee – 2016